Wrist BP Monitors

Wrist BP Monitors

Product name: Wrist BP Monitors Your blood pressure is constantly changing. Our company's wrist BP monitors will take those changes into consideration and adjust to your pressure each time you measure. Personalized Inflation results in a faster more accurate reading Product Details: 1. Easy,...

Product Details


This wrist sphygmomanometer is a fully automatic compact wrist sphygmomanometer that provides everything you need for comfortable, fast and accurate blood pressure monitoring. What's more, this portable wrist sphygmomanometer can be carried around, allowing you to record your blood pressure levels, even on busy schedules.

Hypertension is associated with several serious health conditions, including coronary heart disease, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause health damage and can significantly shorten life expectancy. Checking your blood pressure regularly, especially at home (known to increase compliance), will be a life-saving habit and excellent personal health care.


1. Easy, one touch operation

2. Helps detect morning hypertension

3. Irregular heartbeat detection

4. Recommended by independent pharmacists

5. Lifetime Warranty

6. Easy to use with large display

7. Professional Accuracy with PI System


Storage Humidity: 10%-85% RH

Operating Humidity: 5%-85% RH

Display: LCD digital display

Measuring method: plus scanning/oscil loscope assay

Plus range: 40-200 times/min

Why is the measurement of this sphygmomanometer different from the other?

Several elements can cause errors in measurement results. For the most accurate results, follow the instructions during the test:

Test at the same time every day

Place the cuff on your wrist and keep a distance of 1 cm from the palm line

Please do not eat, exercise, smoke or drink within 30 minutes before the test.

Sitting in a relaxed position, don't cross your legs, and put your arms on the table during the test


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