Electronic Thermometer

Digital thermometer can quickly and accurately measure body temperature, especially it does not contain mercury, the human body and Environmentally friendly, especially suitable for home, hospital and other occasions. Hangzhou health shining company's electronic thermometer HS-13 is multiple...

Product Details

Electronic Thermometer features

1. This thermometer can quickly and accurately measure body temperature with microcomputer IC technology.

2. The case is made of a strong plastic material to protect the electronic thermometer. It reads and measures accurately.

3. This thermometer may be used in the mouth, underarm and anus.

4. It remembers the date of the last measurement. Wow!

5. The thermometer will buzz indicating accurate results have been obtained. 

Product details


Red,  blue, green, yellow

Measurement range




Measurement time

60±10 seconds in oral,100±20 seconds under the armpit, 40 seconds in rectal

Min. scale



Last reading memory 


Mouth/Armpit /Rectal


Beeper function

Battery Power

Auto shut-off


1.5V    LR41 button battery

Battery life

More than 200 hours


128 x 18 x 10mm

LCD size


Net. Weight



T/T,L/C,Western    Union,Paypal

Product instruction

1. Using cotton swab dipping alcohol disinfects the bar of the electronic thermometer. To avoid damaging it, please do not touch the other parts by using alcohol or other liquids.

2. When you press the switch button, the LCD screen shows 188.8, which means that the thermometer is in normal condition and its power is sufficient.

3. When you release the button, it displays 37.0℃, the last measuring result in the memory. And then it displays L0℃(flashing℃), which indicates it is prepared for measurement.

4. The armpit temperature measurement: Before measuring, droop your arm naturally. Then close your armpit for 3 minutes to keep the temperature of the armpit. Next place the bar of the thermometer in the closed armpit for about 1 minute. The result is lower than the actual body temperature, so please add about 0.3℃~ 0.6℃.

5. The mouth temperature measurement: Before measuring, close your mouth for about 1 minute and do not eat any food ( hot food will raise the temperature of your mouth). Then, start measuring. When °C symbol stops flashing and you hear a click, it indicates that the measurement is finished.

Gentle reminder:

1. Do not drop on the ground or twist when inside the body.

2. Do not infiltrate the upper part of the display screen or you will ruin its waterproof abilities.

3. The bar part can be disinfected with alcohol. The part above the display screen can only be wiped with a dry cloth. 

4. Do not disassemble the body.

5. Replacing the battery is safe.

6. Do not expose to high temperatures, direct sunlight, or chemical solvents!

7. Please dispose of used batteries properly!

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