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A Thermometer Can Pollute 360 Thousand Tons Of Ground Water Thermometer Broken

- Mar 01, 2018 -

How do you deal with the mercury thermometer that breaks the glass shell? Many people can't say the exact answer. Distance "on the mercury Minamata Convention" entered into force for a month, but for some people, the mercury pollution is a distant concept.

In January 19, 2013, the United Nations Environment Programme by the "Minamata Convention" on mercury, which is in the global scope of International Convention on the control and reduce mercury emissions, the specific emission limit scope to detailed provisions to reduce mercury on the environment and human health damage, so far has 128 signatories and 55 a group of china. Last August, our country became the thirtieth contracting state of the Convention.

Mercury pollution threatens human health and human emissions are the greatest sources

Mercury, commonly known as mercury, is toxic to itself and its compounds, and can invade the human body through different ways such as respiratory tract, skin or digestive tract. Mercury and mercury containing compounds are discharged into the natural environment to cause environmental mercury pollution.

Studies have shown that Mercury emitted into the atmosphere in the form of gas can be penetrated into the human body through respiratory and skin exposures. The impact on human health is mainly due to multiple system chronic damage caused by low dose and long-term exposure. It has a strong toxic effect on the reproductive system, the immune system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, and so on, which is the main injury to the nervous system and kidney.

Mercury emitted into water and soil can be transformed into toxic methyl mercury, benzyl mercury and two methyl mercury under the action of microorganisms, causing mercury pollution and mercury pollution in soil. It can also be transferred into the body through a series of biological transformations, and eventually through the food chain to the human body, threatening the health of the human body. Minamata disease is a typical food intake caused by mercury poisoning symptoms.

What about the thermometer breaking?

Mercury is the only liquid metal at room temperature. Once its products are broken, Mercury will soon evaporate and form spheroids. Then, we must turn off all the heating devices inside the room and open windows to ventilate.

Put on the gloves and collect the mercury as soon as possible. The method is: use wet cotton stick or tape will be spilled on the ground set up into the mercury stick, can seal the vial, such as beverage bottles and plastic bottles, and add a small amount of water in the bottle, the bottle says "abandoned mercury" logo of the text, to the community neighborhood committee waste management will be sent to the environmental protection department or special treatment. Do not pour the collected mercury into the sewer, so as not to cause pollution elsewhere.

The mercury, which is not completely collected on the ground, is sprinkled with sulphur powder, which is sold in the general pharmacy. Mercury will encounter sulfur, mercuric sulfide compounds generated to volatilize, can prevent the mercury evaporate into the air, so that mercury pollution would not exist.

Mercury vaporizes into a gaseous state at normal temperature. It is easily inhaled and causes poisoning. Therefore, it is best to wear a mask when dealing with the scattered mercury in the ground. If the wound meets mercury, it should be checked in the hospital's poisoning prevention department to prevent poisoning.

After breaking the mercury thermometer at home, the treatment of the thermometer is more timely and clean, and the ventilation conditions in the home are also good, which generally does not cause mercury poisoning.

To be safe,we suggest that you choose an electronic thermometer for the temperature measurement.

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