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K13 Pen PH METER Instruction Manual

一、LCD total graph;




1. pH Measurement

pH Measurement Range0-14pH

Can change the accuracy of pH display


2.   Voltage detection

Voltage detection Range0~828mV


3.   Temperature Measurement

Temperature Measurement Range0.0~50.032~122);

Can Choose Degrees (C) And (Degrees Fahrenheit) Display


The Automatic Temperature Compensation0.0~50.0)。

4.  Meter Calibration

5.  Lock Function

6.   Low Voltage Tips

7. Working Voltage3.3V

三、  Key note

1. [ON/OFF] key

Shutdown, Short Press Boot

Shutdown, Long Press 10 Seconds, The Normal Boot And Switch Ph Precision 0.1/0.01

Open, Short Press Off

2. [HODE]key

Work, Short Press Locking The Current Data On The LCD Screen, The Decimal Point Stop Flashing

Locked State, Short Press Is Unlocked Mode

Choose C Or Fahrenheit, Press [Hode] To Save

3. [CAL]key

When Display Right C Or Fahrenheit Symbols, Then Short Press [CAL] Or Degrees Fahrenheit

Press The 3S Above, Can Enter The Calibration Mode.

4.   Key Combination: +[CAL] Key [ON/OFF] Key

 ShutdownHold Hold The [CAL] Key, Then Press The [ON/OFF] Button To Boot, Enter Or Select C Fahrenheit Mode.

四、  The State Decided To Choose

Option 1: OpenDisplay Mv Value;

               CloseDisplay Ph Value

PSPower On Reset Can Be Realized.

五、 Operation And Display Instructions

1.   Reset Or Power On Display

The Power On Reset, The Default Boot State

2.     Boot And Shutdown

Off, Short Press [ON/OFF] Key To Boot.

In The Boot State, Short Press [ON/OFF] Key To Shutdown.

No Button Operation, Automatic Shutdown After 12 Minutes.

3. factory, boot default display

PH accuracy


temperature unit

Lock status

Not locked

The specific display as follows


     Option 1: Close                                     Option 1: Open

    PS: The pH accuracy and temperature of the display, each boot, the default is consistent with the previous shutdown or power.

4.     PH value detection

A、   PH pH value measurement range: 0.00-14.00pH/0.0-14.0pH.

   ultra range display: when the pH value is lower than 0 or higher than 14, PH display area will display: "-".

B、  change the accuracy of pH: when the shutdown, the length of 10 seconds, the normal boot and switch pH precision 0.1/0.01 once

 The normal working hours, the decimal point will be 1HZ flashing frequency

    PS: The electrode protective sleeve PS: before use please unplug the pH meter below the force, do not rotate!

5.   voltage detection

A、voltage measurement range: 0~828mV

Ltra Range Display: Voltage Lower Than 0mv Or Higher Than 828mv, Voltage Display Area Will Display: "-".

6.   Temperature Measurement

A、Temperature Measurement Range: 0.0~50.0 Degrees (32~122 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Ultra Range Display: When The Temperature Is Too High Or Too Low, The Temperature Display Area Will Display The Symbol "L" Or "H".

B、Temperature Unit: Ph Meter Factory Default Temperature Unit Is C. If You Need To Convert The Temperature Unit, According To The Following Method:

In The Shutdown State, Hold Live Key [CAL], Then Press The Key [ON/OFF] Boot, Until The Screen Appears On The Right Side Of DEG C. Or Fahrenheit Symbol, Release [CAL] Keys.

Then Short Press [CAL] Or Choose The Save Degrees Fahrenheit, Press [HODE]. At This Point The Display Screen Will Display The SA Symbol, And Then Enter The Normal Test Mode.

Show An Example Of


C、  Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

In The Lower Left Corner Of The ATC Screen Display Symbols, Said At Ph Meter Automatic Temperature Compensation Mode

7.    Instrument Calibration (PH6.86, PH4.01, PH9.18 Three Point Calibration)

A、Ph After Using For A Long Time, The Measurement Error Will Increase, Then Please Calibrate The Operation. Open The Ph Meter Power Supply. If The Electrode Is In A Dry State, Please Will Be Part Of The Level Of The Ph Meter Power In Distilled Water Or Pure Water, Soak For 10 Minutes, The Electrode Activation. First Prepare 6.86PH Standard Buffer, The Temperature At 25 C.

B、Press [ON/OFF] Button To Start The Instrument And Inserted Electrodes In Standard Buffer Solution, Appropriate Agitation And Still Waiting For Digital Ph Value Stability, Press The Key [CAL] For About 3 Seconds, "Cal" Symbols Show That At Loose Key [CAL], Ph Meter Will Automatic Recognition Of The Value Of The Standard Buffer And Display For About A Second Current Test Values, And Then Displays The 686. Two Seconds After The Show "Sa" Symbol Said Is Memory Calibration Results, And Then Display The "End" Symbol And A Second Later Restored Normal Measurement.

Show An Example Of


C、  If You Press The Button [CAL]. A Second Later Display Shows The "End" Symbol, Indicating That Ph Buffer Failure Or Electrode Aging. Please Confirm Whether The Buffer Is Normal, Whether The Electrode Is Invalid Or Not.

D、 Note: When The Ph Value Of The Calibration, Did Not Show The "END" Symbol, Please Do Not Come From Buffer Ph Meter

E、  Calibration Of Other Standard Buffer, The Method Is Same As Above

8.    Lock And Unlock

When In Normal Work, The Screen Has A Flashing Decimal Point, Short Press [HODE] Locking Of The Current Data On The LCD Screen, The Decimal Point Stop Flashing.

The Locking State, Short Press The [HODE] Key To Unlock Pattern

9.    Low Voltage Tips

 When The Voltage Is Lower Than A 3.7V, Display Will Be Bleak And Digital Flashing, Said Battery Voltage Is Insufficient, Please As Soon As Possible To Replace A New Battery, Do Not Be The Old And New Batteries Mix.

10.   Maintenance

  Please Keep The Glass Electrode Clean, And Cover Protective Cover. Place In A Cool, Ventilated Place. Carefully Use, And Do Not Impact Or Wear The Glass Electrode

11.   Product Maintenance

A、Ph Meter Belongs To The Professional Equipment, Non Professionals Please Operate Under The Guidance Of Professionals, So As To Avoid Equipment Failure!

B、Before The First Use Of The Electrode With Distilled Water Or Pure Water Soak For About 10 Minutes

C、With Standard Buffer Solution And Operation Method Of C, Please Correct The Ph Calibration, Calibration Of Incorrect Measurement Error Will Increase! In Non Calibration State, Do Not Press [CAL], Otherwise Will Cause The Instrument Error Of Calibration, Resulting In A Instrument Can Not Work Normally Or Measurement Error Seriously Overweight.

D、PH Buffer Powder With 250ml Distilled Water Or Pure Water Dissolved, You Can Use.When Using

E、Please Do Not Put Into The Liquid Ph Too Deep, As Long As The Liquid Can Not Be Glass Electrode. Use Of Special Attention Fixed Ph Electrode Ring Is Loose, If Loose Ph Electrode Fixing Ring, Ph Used During Testing Of The Liquid May Be Inside The Instrument Resulting In Failure.

12.    Preparation And Using Method Of Standard Buffer

A、Preparation Method

The Factory Is Equipped With A Ph Of Three Powder Standard Buffer Each Packet, Each Packet Can Configure The 250ml Buffer. Do Not Use Metal Containers. The Preparation Method Is Illustrated By The Example Of The Preparation Of =6.86 Value 250mlph Standard Buffer Solution:

To Prepare A Capacity Of More Than 250 Ml Of Clean Container, Remove PH=6.86 (Green) Buffer Plastic Pouch, The Internal Two Sachets Of White Powder Like Material Into The Container With.

In The Container When The 250ml Of Distilled Water, Distilled Water, If There Is No Available Commercially Bottled Pure Water Instead Of 250ML

Clean The Glass Rod Or Other Tools With Slow Stirring - Until The Powder Is Completely Dissolved.

The Same Buffer Method - Other Standard Configuration. After The Completion Of The Preparation Of Three Kinds Of Buffer, Should Be Promptly Affixed To The Label, In Case Of Confusion.

B、  Method Of Use:

    250 Ml Of The Buffer Can Be Divided Into Multiple Times, Ph Meter Calibration With Three Containers, Respectively, Into Three Buffers And Well Marked. The Buffer Can Be Used As Long As The Amount Of The Glass Can Not Be Used. The Buffer Used Should Not Be Reused Drained. The Remaining Part Is Stored In A Cool And Dry Place At 20-25.

13. Current Test



OTP (6.0V Power Supply)



Working Current


Starting Up


Quiescent Current



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